Karaolis Santa Maria Village


Santa Maria Village situated in a superb location, close one of the best beaches in Limassol and 5 minute walk into the heart of Limassols popular tourist area. This complex is built to resemble a typical Cypriot Village; all apartments consist of one and two bedrooms and enjoy a balcony or terrace overloking the large pool. All apartments have a fully equipped Italian walnut kitchen with counter tops and kitchen table lined with quality granite. The wall unit in the lounge area matches the design in the kitchen. Hidden away in the wall units are two extra pull down beds. All apartments are fully furnished with fully air-condition and include central heating. An underground parking area is also included.

This Project is Tourist Area, Germasoyia

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Plot Area
Total Covered Area
santa1A Apartment 135.00sqm For sale
santa1B Apartment 74.00sqm Sold
santa2B Apartment 74.00sqm For sale
santa3B Apartment 100.00sqm Sold
santa4A Apartment 135.00sqm For sale
santa4B Apartment 74.00sqm Sold
santa5B Apartment 74.00sqm Sold
santa6A Apartment 126.00sqm For sale
santa6B Apartment 125.00sqm Sold
santa8A Apartment 66.00sqm Sold
santa8B Apartment 125.00sqm Sold
santa9A Apartment 66.00sqm Sold
santa10A Apartment 135.00sqm Sold
santa10B Apartment 145.00sqm Sold
santa12A Apartment 102.00sqm Sold
santa12B Apartment 100.00sqm Sold
santa13A Apartment 135.00sqm For sale
santa13B Apartment 135.00sqm For sale
santa15A Apartment 82.00sqm For sale
santa15B Apartment 82.00sqm For sale
santa16A Apartment 82.00sqm For sale
santa16B Apartment 82.00sqm For sale

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