Karaolis Gardenia Residence


Gardenia Residence offers its owners a golden opportunity to acquire a comfortable, high-standard apartment in the prestigious hillside suburbs of Limassol.
Travel inland from the city centre and across the highway to the village of Agia Fyla, then follow the country road up the hill and you are at the threshold of Gardenia Residence.
The project consists of two identical 4-storey apartment blocks standing proudly within a mature and purely residential area only a stone’s throw from the amenities of Agia Fyla village.

This Project is Ayia Phyla

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Plot Area
Total Covered Area
Block1 Apt11 Apartment 160.00sqm Sold
Block1 Apt21 Apartment 160.00sqm Sold
Block1 Apt31 Apartment 160.00sqm Sold
Block1 Apt41 Apartment 244.00sqm Sold
Block1 Apt12 Apartment 124.00sqm Sold
Block1 Apt22 Apartment 124.00sqm Sold
Block1 Apt32 Apartment 124.00sqm Sold
Block1 Apt42 Apartment 201.00sqm Sold
Block2 Apt11 Apartment 160.00sqm For sale
Block2 Apt21 Apartment 160.00sqm For sale
Block2 Apt31 Apartment 160.00sqm Sold
Block2 Apt41 Apartment 244.00sqm Sold
Block2 Apt22 Apartment 124.00sqm Sold
Block2 Apt32 Apartment 124.00sqm Sold
Block2 Apt42 Apartment Penthouse 201.00sqm For sale
Block2 Apt12 Apartment 124.00sqm Sold

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