Karaolis Commercial Center Linopetra


SOLD!!!Commercial Centre, a brand new building designed to house your rising business, offers only a limited number of spacious commercial premises in a prime location in Limassol. Situated in the Linopetra area, just opposite the new Mercedes showroom only 2 minutes from the heart of Limassol, the four-storey building comprises:

a vast showroom on the ground floor measuring 500m2 with a 245m2 mezzanine
 full-storey office area of 1200m2 on the first floor
 full-storey office area of 1200m2 on the second floor
 full-storey office area of 1200m2 on the third floor

 full-storey office area of 674m2 on the fourth floor

Beyond the quality construction and contemporary design of the building itself, Commercial Centre will appeal to companies or organizations that can benefit from a location which is close to both the industrial area and retail shopping centre of Limassol. The increasing number of showrooms, shops and banks in the same neighborhood clearly indicates that this area is destined to develop rapidly in the near future, making Commercial Centre even more desirable and valuable.

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Plot Area
Total Covered Area
Li-Shop1 Shop 745m2 Sold
Li-Shop2 Shop 466m2 Sold
Li-Shop3 Shop 589m2 Sold
A-Office 1 Office 600m2 Sold
A-Office 2 Office 400m2 Sold
A-Office 3 Office 200m2 Sold
B-Office 1 Office 500m2 Sold
B-Office 2 Office 700m2 Sold
C -Office 2 Office 400m2 Sold
C -Office 3 Office 800m2 Sold
D -Office 1 Office 799sq.m. Sold

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