Elena Beach Apartments


Elena is the jewel in the Karaolis Group’s extensive range of apartment buildings to date. Sparkling with high quality and modern sophistication, inside and out, the 6-storey Elena Beach Apartments directly overlook the beach, inviting the blue sea into your home, and the warm Cyprus sun into your life.
A concierge will greet you as you enter the foyer, where a rising atrium underlines the sense of freedom valued by those who favour a residence with breathtaking views from above. In a prime seafront location just outside Limassol, Elena offers the best in all sizes, from 98m2 to 252m2 ready to dazzle you…

This Project is on Limassol's beachfront,

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Plot Area
Total Covered Area
EBA-01 Apartment 247.00sqm Sold
EBA-02 Apartment 219.00sqm Sold
EBA-03 Apartment 284.00sqm Sold
EBA-11 Apartment 121.00sqm Sold
EBA-12 Apartment 128.00sqm Sold
EBA-13 Apartment 149.00sqm Sold
EBA-14 Apartment 114.00sqm Sold
EBA-21 Apartment 121.00sqm Sold
EBA-22 Apartment 128.00sqm Sold
EBA-23 Apartment 149.00sqm Sold
EBA-24 Apartment 114.00sqm Sold
EBA-31 Apartment 121.00sqm Sold
EBA-32 Apartment 128.00sqm Sold
EBA-33 Apartment 168.00sqm Sold
EBA-34 Apartment 98.00sqm Sold
EBA-41 Apartment 121.00sqm Sold
EBA-42 Apartment 128.00sqm Sold
EBA-43 Apartment 149.00sqm Sold
EBA-44 Apartment 114.00sqm Sold
EBA-51 Apartment 260.00sqm Sold
EBA-52 Apartment 252.00sqm Sold
EBA-61 Apartment 258.00sqm Sold
EBA-62 Apartment 252.00sqm Sold

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